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Zense Spa welcomes you

We include the best treatments, performed by expert professionals in SPA, service in an urban and elegant environment specially designed to relax and pamper you.

Relax, detox, renew and look the way you want.

Our mission

Provide experiences that seduce your senses, relaxing and healing the body, mind and spirit deeply.


Wellness Circuit $15 dlls

Water synonymous of transformation

Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic process that consists of treating the whole body with water at different temperatures.


Enjoy the benefits of a dry heat ideal to detoxify the body through the sweating process.

Steam with chromotherapy and eucalyptus

Excellent for decongesting airways while relaxing and balancing your senses.

The road to wellness

At Zense SPA you can enjoy the best massages to relax and give yourself a moment of peace and harmony dedicated especially to you.


Accumulated stress will disappear after this gentle and delicate massage, while improving blood circulation.

Duration 60 minutes | $ 65 dlls *

Deep tissue

Specialized massage in deep muscle relaxation, through a technique of manipulations and decontracting stretchings.

Duration 80 minutes $ 70 dlls *

Tired legs and feet

Decongestant therapy using lymphatic drainage techniques that help eliminate fluids.
Recommended for people with circulatory problems or people who spend many hours sitting or standing.

Duration 30 minutes | $ 35 dlls

Foot Reflexology

Activates the balance between your body and mind,
eliminating and preventing pain.

Duration 30 minutes | $ 35 dlls

Decontracting with suction cups

Decontracting massage using cupping and heat to promote blood circulation and relax muscles.

Duration 80 minutes | $ 80 dlls *


Relieves the heaviness of the legs, hip and womb and increases elasticity of the skin by applying moisturizing balms.

Duration 80 minutes | $ 80 dlls

Hot stones

The heat of the stones relieves the most fatigued areas of the body, in addition to balancing energy due to obsidian stones.

Duration 60 minutes | $ 75 dlls *

The road to beauty

Enjoy our variety of facials designed for the well-being of the most demanding skins. Reveal a relaxed and young looking skin thanks to our techniques and the use of the highest quality products.

Oxygenating Facial

Designed to combat the effects of free radicals. Its nourishing and oxygenating ingredients give you back natural elasticity to the skin.

Duration 60 minutes | $ 60 dlls

Purifying facial

Helps eliminate toxins and impurities from the skin, by oxygenating and revitalizing it. It consists of an exfoliation with ingredients of the highest quality, followed by a meticulous extraction of impurities that leaves the skin free of any pollutants caused by the environment.

Duration 60 minutes | $ 60 dlls

Facial Lift & Glow

Helps to increase the production of collagen, thanks to radiofrequency, resulting in a more youthful and radiant skin. Includes application of hyaluronic acid. Ideal for those who begin to show signs of age.

Duration 60 minutes | $ 70 dlls

Fitness Facial

Holistic facial that stimulates blood circulation, keeps the muscles of the face firm, releases toxins and eliminates tension. Combines different manual techniques with Chinese traditional medicine tools to potentiate the effects of precious oils and serums that will give a rejuvenated and firm look to face and neck.

Duration 60 minutes | $ 60 dlls

Diamond Glow by ALLERGAN

Facial treatment that performs a facial exfoliation, extractions and infusions of medical grade serums through a suction procedure and high range diamond point.
A state of the art skin rejuvenation treatment, combining the most modern methods to achieve a deep facial cleansing, at the same time it rejuvenates the skin, matches tone and moisturizes.

Duration 80 minutes | $125 dlls.

Boot Camp Facial Peel

A new beginning for your skin.
Program of 4 sessions that begin with a deep cleansing, followed by 3 sessions where different custom peelings will be applied to the needs of each skin.
Excellent option to do during the months from October to February.

Duration 4 weeks | $240 dlls.

Facial Fire & Ice by IS CLINICAL

Intensive medical grade facial designed to renew the skin surface quickly and effectively, reducing fine lines, smoothing texture and stimulating cellular spare.
This magic is achieved with the combination of two therapeutic masks in combination with celluma led therapy and soothing, moisturizing and antioxidant serums.

Duration 60 minutes | $85 dlls.

Chemical Peeling

It significantly reduces sun spots and miasma, improves fine lines of expression, reduces the appearance of scars and acne, reveals a smoother, brighter and more hydrated skin in a lasting way. It is recommended once a year.

$250 dlls.

Hollywood peel facial

Improves texture and skin tone, get a glowy skin like movie stars. It helps to calm down acne breakouts, lowers inflammation and decreases pore size.

Duration 80 minutes | $ 110 dlls

Photo Rejuvenation Facial

Effective to remove red spots, dilated vessels and sun spots. Stimulates new collagen leaving the skin looking smooth and luminous.

Duration 60 minutes | $ 70 dlls


Full hydration facial that manage to rejuvenate, hydrate and illuminate your skin thanks to the benefits of CO2 and hyaluronic acid. Ideal before an important event or after a holiday.

Duration 60 minutes | $ 100 dlls


Safe and effective treatment, where micro needles are used to stimulate collagen.
We use serums according to the needs of each skin.
In one session we treat neck, neckline and face.
Eliminate fine lines, blemishes and acne scars.

Duration 80 minutes | $ 95 dlls


Facial with tightening and regenerating effect. Improves the appearance of sagging skin in neck and eyelid area without surgeries and without needles.

Price and duration vary according to the area to treat.


Show off a youthful skin without resorting to the scalpel.
Lifting effect on cheeks, jowl and neck with immediate results in a single session.

Duration 80 minutes | $ 290 dlls


This versatile procedure can be combined with any of our facial or just alone. Say goodbye to annoying facial hair while removing dead cells. Cleaner, clearer and regular texture skin will make sure your skin look better.

Duration 60 minutes | $70 dlls. or $35 dlls. adding it to any of our facials.

PRP Face and Neck

Delays the aging process of the skin by activating cell regeneration in a non-invasive way. This procedure accelerates the production of collagen and elastin, leaving the skin brighter, younger and with less sun damage.

$180 dlls

All our facials include specialized equipment that will enhance face active effects.

The road to renewal

Eliminate dead cells with macroparticles rich in essential oils selected to exfoliate, nourish and hydrate the skin of the body.
Choose between: Coffee, grape or citrus scrub.

Duration 40 minutes | $ 35 dlls

Treat yourself a velvety skin with a Zense body wrap

Zense body wraps are the ideal treatment
when you need to show off an incredible skin, before a special event or before your next vacation.
Choose from: Chocolate, Berries, Green Tea or Royal Jelly.

Duration 40 minutes | $ 45 dlls

Take advantage of our packages specially designed to give you a
complete session of care and relaxation according to your needs.

Zense relax

Our relaxing package is the perfect option for people under stress and with little time for a moment of relaxation. Includes a back, shoulder and arm massage and an express facial that will give you maximum relaxation and will allow you to recharge your batteries to continue with your activities totally renewed.

Duration 60 minutes | $ 70 dlls

Zense Heaven

Our heaven package is ideal for a complete mind and body renewal. It consists of a 60-minute relaxation massage and a oxygenating facial. It is ideal as a gift or to pamper yourself.

Duration 2 hours | $ 120 dlls

Zense for 2

Share a moment of maximum relaxation with the best care with that special person. Ideal to celebrate your anniversary, engagement or to spend the day with friends enjoying our wonderful 60-minute massages in the comfort of our cabin for 2.
Includes private use of the wellness circuit and tasting of a delicious glass of wine, fruit and other amenities.

Duration 60 min + 30 min. Wellness Circuit $140 dlls per couple

Zense enveloping

This wonderful Zense treatment is applied through the principles of a gentle holistic massage performed with a creamy and nourishing chocolate body mask that concludes with a warm wrap and an ultra-hydrating facial veil, thus enjoying a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Duration 90 min | $ 115 dlls

Zense shape perfection

Reductive treatment carried out with techniques of massage to sculpt your silhouette. The draining and detoxifying active ingredients prevent and fight against localized fat nodules, helping you reduce volume as well as look a smoother and firmer skin. The treatment is performed with specialized equipment.

Price varies according to the area to be treated and the
number of sessions.

The road to your big day

Get ready for that special day and let yourself be pampered with our
bride and groom day spa.

High hydration ritual that includes a 20 minute grape body scrub,
50 minutes of a relaxing massage with macadamia oil, chocolate wrap,
nourishing and moisturizing capillary mask and
wellness circuit. Includes a glass of wine, fruit and other amenities.
Duration 2.30 hours | $ 300 dlls per couple

The road to beauty

Let the goddess in you shine with the exquisite beauty treatments from Zense.

Manicure Zense

Give your hands a beautiful appearance with an intensive treatment to soften and hydrate them. It begins with an exfoliation to remove dead cells continuing with a nail polish and the application of a nourishing cream.

Pedicure Zense

The treatment begins with an exfoliation, followed by a nail polish, a cooling gel application, and a relaxing massage.

Gelish application

Acrylic nails

Be Soft

Ask about our Spanish wax or laser hair removal.

Make Me Sleep
Duration 30 minutes

Massage with gentle and soothing movements performed with lavender balm and melissa to comfort the little ones.

I Love Pedicure
Duration 30 minutes

Made with a scrub and a mask based on strawberries, pineapple or mango to pamper those restless feet, hydrating and taking care of their skin, ending with a touch of color and shine on their nails.

Pretty Me
Duration 40 minutes

Refreshing mini facial made with a mask with vitamin E that will leave bright sparkles on your skin.

Rainbow Manicure

We treat their little hands with a scrub and mask based on strawberries, pineapple or mango and a touch of color and shine for their little nails.

Princess Hairstyle

Beautiful braids and pigtails decorated with colorful ribbons.

Moisturizing candle massage $10 dlls

Add to your favorite massage an aromatic soy and shea candle for a warm experience that will hydrate your skin.

Celluma Led Light $15 dlls

Excellent complement for acne and photo aging treatments.

Legs Pressotherapy $20 dlls

Enjoy all the benefits of lymphatic drainage. Eliminates fatigue and leg swelling by eliminating liquid. Ideal after a massage or while enjoying your facial.

Silk Hands $20 dlls

Let your hands speak well of you. It all starts with a gentle but effective exfoliation, followed by a mask that will moisturize them, ending with the application of warm paraffin that will prolong their softness and beauty.

Mini Birthday Cake $5 dlls

Mixed Flower Bouquet

From $25 dlls

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